Description: picture with man in darkness being drawn to the light / words: SHINE we represent the kingdom of God...Now!

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To the right are a few links to Holy Hip-Hop (HHH) artists, record labels, and websites.

While we do not condone Hip-Hop's typical self-glorification, civic rebellion, disrespect to females, vulgarity, drugs, sex, and alcohol, we do feel that Holy Hip-Hop (which should be Christ centered) is yet another medium to reach today's youth. We acknowledge hip-hop from a cultural and artistic standpoint, knowing that proper use of the medium can glorify God and lead souls to Christ.

Further, HHH is merely one genre of Christian music. We also embrace Traditional Gospel, Gospel, and Contemporary Christian music. The youth at H.O.W. are fed a medley of Christian music, to give them more depth and balance. As Pastor Gladys Hyman says, "It's fine to bob your head to the beats [of HHH], but you can still sing 'Amazing Grace.'"