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Youth Pastors

picture of Youth Pastor Donovan picture of Youth Pastor Stephenie We hope that through this extension of Harvest One Way, youth are encouraged to become active in their local assembly and find out more regarding the saving nature of Jesus Christ. It is our sincere desire that youth are strengthened and encouraged to do the will of God at an early age.

So often, we are reminded through the media & in our daily lives of the moral decay and spiritual depravity regarding today's youth. From the influence of secular hip-hop as a culture, increased violent crimes involving youth, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, alcoholism, and drug abuse, it is easy to conclude that there is no hope. However, there is hope through Jesus Christ. While it may be a cliche statment, we truly believe that you are purposed and have hope despite what you've been told. We pray that you'll explore this website and join us in various Christian gatherings as we serve the LORD Jesus Christ.

Personally, Stephenie and I were married in January 2006 and have been serving in our home church as ministers since 2003 under the spiritual direction of our beloved leaders, Reverend Randolph and Pastor Gladys Hyman. It is important to know that S.H.I.N.E. is not a stand-alone ministry; rather, our leaders have approved and endorse this extension as it ties into the overall vision of Harvest One Way Ministries. May the the LORD bring us all into the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Donovan & Stephenie Charlot
Youth Pastors - Harvest One Way Ministries
Donovan & Stephenie

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