Description: picture with man in darkness being drawn to the light / words: SHINE we represent the kingdom of God...Now!


To distinguish the Youth Group/Department within Harvest One Way Ministries, we have developed the name/acronym S.H.I.N.E., which stands for Seeking Holiness while Impacting a Nation Endangered. S.H.I.N.E. is a ministry devoted to training young persons (ages 7 - 19) to serve God through Jesus Christ and practice a true biblical lifestyle. For this reason, practicing holiness is of the utmost importance. Each young person will strive for holiness (obtaining and maintaining Godly character according to Scripture) and have a part in furthering the kingdom of God through active fellowship in the local, regional, and national community.

To this end, the young persons will possess a strong Christian lifestyle represented in their homes, school, and community. This group of people are no only the future, but represent the kingdom of God...NOW!